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Incredibly responsive, efficient, very professional and a pleasure to work with.
Kylie Bains, Global Future Think Tank

It starts with understanding
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We take the time to engage with your company or organisation. We look at the objectives and strategic project that would best suit your needs. By evaluating the effectiveness of your brand positioning, current strategy and visual identity we are best placed to facilitate the process that unlocks latent potential. Within this process we’ll sometimes ask difficult questions that left unanswered may stand in the way of your brands continued success and when answered engender a deeper Brand awareness. This process is as relevant for you and your people as it is advantageous for our consultancy. Involvement brings loyalty and unity from the intern to the boardroom. Together the insight gained gives us direction and with this momentum we move towards clarity of your brand message, a stronger proposition and more competitive market position.

Evolving your brand
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From understanding your requirements to a true evolution of your brand takes development based on the intelligence gained. We utilise the findings from our audit process to gage the most effective routes to this brand evolution. Addressing any issues in the process with impactful concepts and fail-safe initiatives. This may result in internal change or new marketing and communication concepts, ultimately we never deliver what is not needed, only what will advance your brand and the way in which your audience relates to your story.

Communicating your message
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How your message is delivered is just as important as the message itself. At the very least the tone and visual language employed should support and emphasize this messaging. We bring precision, strength and imagination to your core proposition with our engaging communication concepts. We enable consistency of communications with the supply of Brand guidelines and Pattern Libraries. Over time as your needs change your brand needs to keep pace. So maintaining the integrity of your messaging while matching your aspirations to your communication concepts can require careful management. To this end, we offer brand account support on a retainer basis.